Mission Statement

The goal of EMCOR Services Walker-J-Walker is to be the mid-South’s premier provider of heating, ventilation, air conditioning (HVAC) and mechanical services. To achieve our goal, we will continuously seek new technologies and methods that will improve our ability to deliver high-quality, on-time client services.

We will foster a proud, skilled and highly productive workforce in a culture of camaraderie, safety, environmental awareness and humanistic values.

EMCOR Services Walker-J-Walker will offer solutions for all indoor environmental problems. These solutions will benefit building owners, operators and most importantly, building occupants. The company will also provide the high-level design, installation, repair, monitoring and controls services needed to reduce facility ownership and operating costs.

Value Statement

Since the essence of EMCOR Services Walker-J-Walker is the spirit of its people, including customers, employees and shareholders, we will provide:

For customers:

  • A customer-driven company
  • Strong support for employees who deal directly with customers
  • Exceptional levels of performance
  • A highly skilled organization
  • A commitment to customer satisfaction
  • Long-term relationships built on trust and integrity
  • Dependable service that provides consistent value

For employees:

  • Clear direction
  • Safety, job knowledge and skills training
  • Growth opportunities
  • An environment of encouragement, entrepreneurship and personal satisfaction
  • An atmosphere of respect, trust, pride and integrity
  • Supportive and ethical management

For shareholders:

  • Fiscally responsible operation
  • Ongoing efficiency improvements that increase profitability
  • A commitment to profitable growth by attracting new customers
  • Continuous evaluation of the market and our offerings to ensure successful and compelling alignment